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Treatments - Restorative

Occasionally your teeth can deteriorate or become so damaged that they can affect your ability to chew; make you mouth look unsightly; and are uncomfortable and even painful. We offer a series of treatments to help you enjoy eating again.

White Fillings

Where a tooth has decayed leaving large holes in the teeth we can offer composite or white fillings which, unlike the metal amalgam fillings:

White fillings are not suitable for all situations but where they are they:

Where white fillings are not suitable attractive alternatives are available.


We can fit a crown, or 'cap', where a tooth is broken down or weakened, through decay or a very large filling. We also advise you to have a crown if your teeth are discoloured or misaligned. A crown will cover the entire tooth, protecting and strengthening it.

Our crowns are:

Depending on the strength of the tooth underneath, your oral hygiene and regular checks, a crown can last for many years.

Inlays and onlays

Applying an 'Onlay'

We can sometimes repair damaged teeth using 'inlays', which sit in a tooth, and 'onlays', which sit on a tooth. They build up a tooth's shape and can be made from:

Inlays and Onlays:

Because of their durability, function and aesthetic potential, inlays and onlays are highly recommended for many tooth restorations.

Root canal treatments

An abscess in the gums often indicates dead, dying or even infected, nerves and blood supply to the teeth. We can remove the dead tissue, fill the space created and then repair and protect the affected tooth.

Root canal treatments saves the tooth from extraction and brings pain relief.

Fixed bridges

How we fit a 'bridge'

If you have lost one or more teeth we can usually replace them with a bridge. We fix the replacement to your natural teeth either side of the gap using precious metal, ceramic or even non-precious alloys (depending on the clinical situation and your preference). Sometimes we can apply a 'winged bridge' which attaches to only one adjacent tooth.

Bridges can be used to:

Bridges require your commitment to oral hygiene,but will last several years or more, provided your mouth and teeth are checked on a regular basis.

Removable dentures

There are various options for dentures

We can replace a lost tooth or group of teeth with removable dentures. They can be the larger acrylic resin dentures, or the stronger metallic dentures.

Our removable dentures: