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Nervous Patients

"Just a little ‘Thank you’ for your kindness and curing me of my phobia of dentists!"

Dick J

Nervous Patients

What do you mean by nervous patients?
Being a nervous dental patient means different things to different people — perhaps you have bad memories from going to the dentist as a child — or maybe it is the thought of the treatment being painful.
Can you help?
Well the good news is that Dr. Babbra understands these fears and is especially trained to help you feel relaxed and assured when you visit us. As a private clinic we have the time and resources to alleviate your nervousness and ensure any treatment is virtually pain-free.
If I am a 'nervous patient' what do I do?
We like to make people feel relaxed and unhurried in our clinic as part of our service, but if you are especially nervous about visiting the dentist simply let us know when you book an appointment and we will take extra special care to make your visit as comfortable and re-assuring possible.

If you have any further questions, or wish to arrange an appointment, please give us a call on 01753 655 446 or contact us via our contact form, or drop into the clinic where our staff will be happy to help.