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Parking Availability at the Dental Practice for Attending Patients

As well as striving to provide you with the best possible treatment and after-care, I also want to make your trip to the Practice as stress-free as possible. That includes removing any problems around finding a parking space when you arrive.

Over the past few years our designated patient parking spaces, situated on the Practice’s private land in front of the surgery, have increasingly been used by non-patients and commercial vehicles. This has resulted in un-necessary disputes and a reduction in parking availability for you, our patient.  I have listened to concerns about this and have tried various options to resolve this problem - with little success to date.

Therefore, in order to improve our service to you, the Practice has engaged Euro Parking Services (EPS) to patrol and manage the four designated patient parking spaces. EPS will maintain available parking for Dental Wellbeing’s patients, suppliers and prospective clients so that staff and clinicians can focus on their duties to provide dental care to the attending patients.

There are three clear wall signs in place that state that spaces are managed 24 hours. In addition, several bollard signs draw attention to the EPS signs and warn of constant parking restrictions.

EPS determines the grace period allowed for all vehicles - i.e a period long enough for drivers who accidentally park in the designated parking spaces to leave and move on.

Neither Dental Wellbeing nor I receive any revenue collected by EPS. In exchange EPS has installed expensive equipment, manages the spaces remotely and takes on queries and appeals relating to parking charge notices (PCNs) issued.  Any registered vehicle owners who are issued a PCN and feel that they have mitigating circumstances will have to deal directly with EPS  - as it is EPS who issue or cancel PCNs.

Dental Wellbeing nor I have the authority to cancel PCNs.

To keep spaces free for attending patients, and to avoid any misunderstanding leading to the risk of a PCN, please remember that you can only use the dedicated parking spaces when you are actually visiting the Practice as a patient.

I hope this this has explained why we needed to change and that it does indeed lead to an improved service for you.


Jatinder Babbra
Practice Owner