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Dental Wellbeing - Dental Health Practice
"Thank you for your help over the last two years, and thanks for making it pain free! you are a brilliant dentist..."

Dawn P

Treatments - Preventative

Good dental hygiene and regular check-ups can prevent many dental problems before they occur - saving time, money and unnecessary discomfort.

Clinical examinations

We pride ourselves as a preventative clinic and so our Clinical Examination is as thorough as possible, with our 12 point check system:

First we ask you:

  1. How healthy do you feel your mouth is?
  2. Do you have any concerns that we need to deal with?
  3. Do you have a medical condition, or take medicines that are likely to affect your dental health?
  4. Are you happy with the appearance of your smile?
    Next we will check all of the following:
  5. Are your teeth healthy and strong?
  6. Are any fillings or other restorations still in good condition?
  7. How healthy are your gums? This is absolutely critical if you are to keep your teeth for life!
  8. Do you have any plaque (which does all the damage to mouths — yet can easily be controlled)?
  9. Is the inside of your mouth (cheeks, lips, tongue, roof and floor of mouth) healthy?
  10. Are there any problems on the outside of your mouth?
  11. Are the inside, underneath and gaps between your teeth healthy?
  12. Is the bone which supports your teeth healthy?

We will then advise you how to improve or maintain your dental health, based on our findings.

To be extra thorough checks 11 and 12 are supplemented every 1 to 3 years by ultra-low dosage digital x-rays developed on site almost instantly.

Regular maintenance and checks are the simplest measures to prevent gum disease and tooth decay and encourage all round oral health.

Enhanced mouth cancer screening

Our clinical examination will check for the visible signs of mouth cancer, as a matter of routine. However, as an extra precaution, we offer a more thorough examination called 'ViziLite Plus' — a simple mouth rinse that highlights areas of potential concern long before they would be visible to the naked eye.

This simple, painless procedure can help save lives.

Dental hygiene visit

Our Professional hygienist will offer clinical services and advice to keep your gums healthy, including a thorough 'scale and polish' to remove 'tartar'. (Tartar is the hardened layer of bacteria and plaque which, if left untreated, can cause swelling, soreness, bleeding and infection of the gums, and even teeth loss). You will also be offered personalised diet and dental maintenance advice.

Regular oral hygiene practices help keep your mouth healthy for fresher breath and a brighter smile.

Airflow/Extra clean treatment

Effective polishing technique utilising Airflow Technology to lift off surface stains and revitalise the appearance of natural teeth.

In most cases Airflow/Extra clean treatment can make the teeth appear whiter and brighter.

Fresh breath treatments

Irrigating the gums

Bad breath is usually caused by oral problems which we can easily address with our 'fresh breath' programme.

Treatments include:

  • restoring fillings and repairing gaps in the teeth where food and plaque stagnate
  • irrigating the gums with antiseptic wash
  • instruction in and demonstration of advanced cleaning techniques for teeth and gums
  • Our thorough deep hygiene treatments eliminate bacterial odours from stagnant tartar areas.
  • advice and products to help correct the imbalance of fluid and bacteria which leads to bad breath

Fresher breath creates confidence and invariably improves the health of your gums and teeth

Fissure sealants and fluoride applications

Applying a fissure sealant

A simple technique for stopping early tooth decay in older children and young adults is to apply fluoride-releasing 'fissure sealants'. This painless procedure seals the 'fissures', or grooves, found mainly on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This helps protect the teeth from further decay.

Together with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet, fissure sealants can help reduce the number fillings you or your child need.

To keep your mouth healthy and attractive we recommend our preventative treatments are carried out on a regular basis.

Bespoke Teeth Protection

Sports mouth guards

We offer a custom made, fitted, mouth guard to give you the best protection for you teeth while you enjoy your sport. Our mouth guards are:

  • comfortable
  • allow easy breathing
  • offer a high level of protection
  • minimize the likelihood of jaw dislocation
  • lower the chance of concussion

NB. These are not the 'boil and bite' mouth guards which offer minimal protection and can be loose and dislodge during play.

Night Mouth guards

We offer a simple way to manage Bruxism, the involuntary clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth. This usually happens while you sleep, and can lead to:

  • aching jaws,
  • teeth fractures
  • tooth sensitivity
  • broken sleep

We can make you a night guard - a high grade plastic appliance fits comfortably into your mouth as you sleep and prevents your teeth from wearing down and its attendant problems.

A proper night guard, along with our advice and techniques, will make bruxism easier to manage.