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Dental Wellbeing - Dental Health Practice
"Just to say a big thankyou for your care and kindness and my new teeth."

Carole M


At Dental Wellbeing we think it is important to emphasise prevention and education to ensure you maintain healthy teeth and gums. So it makes sense that we offer you a range of treatments and services to help you keep your mouth fresh and in good shape.

We also understand the value of a great looking teeth and the confidence that can bring. We think everyone deserves that 'feel good' factor from their smile and we can offer that to you too.

Preventative Treatments

Our preventative treatments are designed to help you keep your breath fresh, your smile confident and your mouth in the best possible condition. We provide maintanance checks and treatments to diagnose and deal with any problems early or even prevent them altogether.

Restorative Treatments

With our restorative treatments we can fix your teeth and bring your smile back to its full potential; make eating a pleasure again; and bring an end to discomfort and pain.

Cosmetic Treatments

We all deserve to look our best and feel confident in our smiles and this is where Dental Wellbeing can really help. Our cosmetic treatments can replace missing teeth, repair broken teeth, and restore discoloured teeth, to bring your smile to its full potential.

Urgent Treatment and Extraction

We you hope you never need any of our urgent treatments or extractions, but if you do, you can be assured that we will do our utmost to relieve your pain and discomfort as soon as possible.